Thursday, October 31, 2013

How To Win The Lottery And Change Your Life Forever

Hi, I'm Fiona! You would never guess it now, but my life was on a crazy, downward spiral not very long ago. I'd had to sell my car, was about to get kicked out of my crappy apartment and could barely afford to use my cell phone.

The scary thing was, I had gotten so used to every day being a constant struggle that I actually thought it was normal and had pretty much given up hope of ever having a better life. How dark is that?

Seriously, if my friend, Renee, hadn't insisted I give the Silver Lotto System a shot, I'm not sure where I would have ended up. I know I never imagined that I would be here, writing this testimonial on my expensive laptop in my gorgeous condo overlooking the water!

Home sweet home :) I love my new condo! Ever since winning, my life has been more relaxed and blissful than I ever thought can't keep the smile off my face!
I'm sure my story isn't might even think it sounds painfully familiar. Like millions of others,my family didn't have much when I was growing up. My parents held multiple jobs doing menial work and manual labor and still barely made ends meet. I cringe when I remember how I used to brag to the kids at school that my dad worked the night shift flipping burgers at the local fast food place – I thought it was great that he worked somewhere we couldn't even afford to eat!

But what was worse than being poor was that I barely got to see my parents. My older brother was stuck taking care of me until he was forced to get a job at the gas station after school when Mom lost her job at the plant and I was pretty much left on my own.

I never dreamed of having my own horse as a girl, because it never occurred to me that it would ever be possible...but look at me now!!
We never took family vacations or had the money to do fun things together on the weekend. Mostly, everyone just worked. The only time Dad splurged was when he would divide his pocket change into sandwich baggies holding $1 each and take them to the local convenience store to buy scratch lottery tickets. Mostly he just won a couple of bucks here and there with enough $20 or $30 prizes over the years to keep his hopes up. I loved that he let me scratch the tickets when I was little, but as I got older I began to realize he would probably never win big. If only we had known about the Silver Lotto System then!

This is the life! I can't stop smiling about the direction my life has taken, and to think I owe it all to an ingenious and proven system for winning the lotto! And knowing that I can continue to win will definitely keep me smiling :)
Anyway, not trying to sound glum, but I really don't remember hoping to go to college, wanting to have a brilliant career or wishing I would marry the man of my dreams. I guess I never thought those things were possible for me to even dream about. Sad, right?

christmas is wonderful after learning how to win the lottery

Christmas will never be the same! This is me with the ultimate luxury, my newly adopted cat, Sassy! What's one more mouth to feed now, right? PS – Sassy and I had a blast filling the empty space under the tree with gifts for my family and friends...
It wasn't until I learned about the Silver Lotto System that I began to hope I could improve my lot in life. You see, I met my friend Renee working the same dead end, low paying job. It was a constant struggle for me to scrape by every month on what I made, but I couldn't help noticing that my coworker seemed to be doing better every week! She was wearing new clothes and getting her hair and nails done while I could barely scrape together bus fare. I was totally jealous and wondered how she managed these luxuries with two kids at home.

I was raised not to ask people about their income, but, honestly, it was killing me not to know how Renee was pulling off this new lifestyle. The last straw was when she rolled into work with a new car.

When Renee told me her “secret” was that she was steadily winning more and more in the lottery, I seriously thought she was joking. Even after she explained the system to me and how she had only needed to invest $10-$20 per week, I was still skeptical.

So, I did my own research and I learned that the Silver Lotto System had been helping people win lotteries since 1991! I also found tons of testimonials from people all over the world had stories similar to mine who used the system successfully to better their lives. The coolest part was that it didn't seem to matter which lotto they played...the system simply worked!

me after winning lottery

I'm not going to waste space with pictures of my shiny new car or sporty boat. This is just me, enjoying the best things I got with my time and peace of mind!
Renee offered to drive me to work in her new car for the next couple of weeks so I could use the money I had set aside for bus fare to make a small opening investment. How could I not at least try, especially after seeing proof of Renee's success?

Honestly, it was the best decision I ever made. My winnings started off small, but it was enough to begin taking the edge off my money problems. Soon I was winning more than $500.00 per week when I played the lotto using this system and my life continued to improve until I had my first big winning ticket of $100,000
how to win the lottery
 My posted testimonial on the Silver lotto site
Since that time, I have had bigger and better wins – enough to move to this condo, get a new car and indulge in luxuries I never thought I would be able to afford. It is truly a dream come true.

Well, that's my story so far...but yours is just about to start! If I could afford to pay $10-$20 per week you know you can too. The Silver Lotto System is proven to increase the lottery winning chances by a whopping 98%! I am living proof that a small investment can lead to a huge life change. Take this opportunity to learn the secrets of this system now and soon, I will be reading your testimonial. I can't wait!

- Fiona